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Ninja zone

This past month I enrolled Cameron into Ninja Zone fundamentals and he absolutely loves every minute of it! I took him to a free trial first, because I wanted to see what it was like before enrolling him. Cam Was a natural when it came to the class and I was honestly surprised how much he loved it! 


I was so impressed with the team work and confidence they give the kids! Even though there are other kids in the class with your child the coaches still give your child  one on one time to improve any skill they need help with! Everyone is taught to be a team player and to ask your brothers for help and to encourage each other. I mean who doesn’t love that kind of encouragement?! I think all of us could use more of this on a daily basis! 

There are so many benefits to Ninja Zone. If your thinking about having your kiddo join Ninja Zone take them in for a free trial! Girls and boys are both welcome you can start your child as early as 18 months! Ninja Zone is located all over the world! If you look at google you can easily find a location closest to you! It’s such a easy way to build your child’s confidence and teaches  them to be a team player. 

Cameron has improved so much since he started Ninja Zone. He goes right into class much more confident about any ninja move he’ll be doing. There are some things I had no idea he could even do. Like a cartwheel.... i mean come on it took me like year to learn how to cartwheel! Haha I’m kinda kidding! Cam has been working really hard on climbing the rope and learning to do a flip on the trampoline. He’s finally able to climb to the top of the rope which is impressive for a six year old if you ask me! He still needs a little practice on his flips though. Overall his Ninja skills are on point.... I’m a proud mama! 


Ninja Zone is an awesome place for your kids to grow and to learn skills they can take anywhere in life with them!  Ninja Zone is having a holiday promotion right now and its buy two months for the price of one!! I would take full advantage of this Promo. Itssuch an affordable option you can’t pass up! If you’re thinking about getting your little one enrolled and have any other questions I didn’t mention feel free to reach out to me! I hope y’all have wonderful day! Xoxo


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