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Think Ninja

Experience Gift For Christmas 

The Holidays are the busiest time of year! My favorite things about Christmas are church, baking, Christmas trees, wrapping presents, lights, movies, plays, and family! If I forgot anything let me know in the comments. LOL. 


I love buying gifts for the kids but do you ever feel like you don’t know what to get them because they already have EVERYTHING?! That’s definitely how I’m feeling this year. Cameron is at the age where he literally has it all. Christian on the other hand doesn’t even know what Christmas is yet. 

If you guys read my last blog post about Ninja Zone then you know Cameron has been loving every second of being a ninja. If you haven’t read my last blog post go ahead and go read it! I actually got him an experience gift this year for his ninja classes. I’ve never done an experience gift, but they are a great idea if your child already has everything! 

Ninja zone is located all over the world! They except kids as early as 18 months. Girls and boys are both welcome, it's actually an awesome concept. If you have a girl and don’t wanna do ninja classes, they do offer gymnastics as well. If you have a boy like myself or have boys and girls then they can actually take classes at the same time. 

Ninja zone is having a promotion until the end of the year. Buy two months for the price of one. It’s only 98 dollars for two months. This is a great experience gift for your little ones or for your nieces or nephews! Winter can be tough for all of us! This is a perfect excuse to get your kids out of the house. I wish you all a VERY Merry Christmas and if you have any questions, you know where to find me. 




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